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  • Government at all levels – National, County – faces mandates demanding greater IT efficiency and optimization. So the question isn't whether you must act – it's how quickly and how cost-efficiently these automation can be done.

    Our e-Government solution provides the following:

      • Boost performance, efficiency, and governance

      • Enable anywhere, anytime access to resources by both citizens and government workers with mobile computing and apps

      • Ensure data, network, and access security capabilities scale seamlessly without adding unnecessary cost or complexity

    eTaxation Solutions – we provide an integrated tax information system solution, which is customized according to the requirements of the respective government Tax policies

    The Integrated Taxation Solution consists of the following systems: fiscal device management, monitoring and management background, Tax management, key issuing & management, encoding verification system, and invoicing database and other related business systems.

    It spans core business functions including, taxpayer invoicing, qualification, fiscal tax meter, electronic invoice, billing, and TAX BI. Its features also include: real-time invoice issuance, storage and verification, invoice issuance monitoring and analysis, and fiscal management technical support for information system for tax bureaus.

    Individuals or enterprises can check their invoice's authenticity with smartphones, on websites, a special client for verification or automatic rate paying machine (ARM) connect seamlessly with the tax bureau operating system.