Cloud Services

The question for most organizations is no longer whether to move to the cloud but when and how

The benefits are obvious: better workload distribution, scalability, flexibility and capital cost reduction. However, it can be challenging to determine how to best leverage cloud for maximum business advantage. Selecting the right model is critical.

Decision-makers must consider the following:

    • How business critical are the applications being moved to the cloud

    • Security and regulatory compliance demands

    • Workload usage patterns

    • What level of integration is required with other organizational functions

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    Nimble™ cloud Platform
  • Agile Business Technologies Ltd provides Nimble cloud platform to enable you leverage our broad range of services and professional expertise to help you standardize, virtualize, automate and orchestrate your data center for optimal resiliency, flexibility and performance.

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    Nimble™ cloud unified communications
  • Unified communications makes it convenient to share information and stay in touch with customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Staff can gain visibility of others’ presence and availability, and control and filter their incoming communications.

    By choosing a cloud-based unified communications solution, organisations can access the latest technologies and save costs by avoiding the need to manage both phone and data lines. Best of all, they can ensure seamless collaboration between their staff, customers and partners.

    • Conferencing and Collaboration

    • Contact Center

    • Fax and Email

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    Nimble™ cloud infrastructure
  • Applications are at the heart of business transformation. Agile Business Technologies provides application hybrid platform that runs across both public and private clouds.

    With Agile Business Technologies Cloud you will reduce time-to-market for innovative, agile and scalable digital services across any cloud. We have forged strategic partnerships with leading cloud platform providers both Locally in Kenya & globally including VMware & Citrix.

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    Nimble™ cloud data protection
  • It's never been more important to protect and secure data stored or accessed in the cloud. Cloud has arrived in the enterprise, introducing a series of new security and compliance challenges for IT and Security professionals like you to grapple with as your network evolves. Ensuring cloud data protection and security has never been more vital to businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.

    Our solution includes:

    - Encryption or information tokenization - rendering it meaningless should anyone outside of the company access the data while it is being processed or stored in the cloud

    - Data loss Prevention (DLP)

    - Visibility & Intelligence

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    Nimble™ cloud security
  • By using cloud security you can reduce the size of links and still have a centralized set of policies for your network. Cloud based security means that the headaches associated with running the hardware and ensuring that the software and patches are up to date become the problem of the cloud provider

    Agile Business Technologies cloud based security combined with our Private network VPN’s offer cost and convenience benefits and allow you to focus on your business with a safe and secure network. We give you control of the service via our Portal, where you can control every aspect of your security services.