Professional Services

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    Advisory & Consulting
  • Align your technology investment to strategic business objectives with ICT Strategy and Consultation services from Agile Business Technologies Ltd.

    Your technology platform is a key driver and enabler of business efficiency and performance. However, if your ICT strategy isn’t aligned with your business strategy, you risk a poor return on technology investment, which in turn affects both competitiveness and profitability

    We offer Strategy solutions across a range of areas, including business operating models, business transformation, change strategy, regulation and policy, ICT workforce and resource strategy, enterprise geospatial strategies and risk management and business continuity.

    In addition to providing guidance on aligning technology with business objectives, we can also help you create a strategic roadmap for improved flexibility, agility and scalability

    Agile Business Technologies's consultants view themselves as the client's business partners all along the way, and are committed to a personal, ongoing relationship with each and every client, based on the 'one-stop-shop' approach. Our consultants understand the client's needs, learn their technological requirements and are endowed with an extensive understanding of various business activity areas. Whether joining an existing team for a limited period of time or establishing a long-term relationship, clients gain skilled workers who are up to speed regarding the latest technologies and products, and undergo training and qualification processes on an ongoing basis.

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    Implementation Services
  • You've made the technology investment. Now how are you going to protect it? With a selection of maintenance programs designed to meet your unique business needs, Agile Business Technologies Ltd is here to help. Our telephone and on-site services deliver timely responses to your business demands – helping you to reduce costs and improve uptime.

    Flexibility is the cornerstone of our approach to multi-vendor support and we are mindful that every client is different and has its own specific requirements. Depending on your unique business challenges, your needs may span from basic maintenance services to support services or fully managed services

    In response to these needs, we’ve continued to invest in our services offerings and capabilities to provide the utmost flexibility to our clients.

    A customized technical solution must be implemented in a professional manner, become operational as quickly as possible and obtain support and maintenance under optimal terms of service. Our installation and support services offers all of this.

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    Staffing Solutions
  • Organisations are always on the lookout for highly skilled engineers and technicians. The trouble is, these people are often hard to find and can be expensive to employ full time. This creates problems when you need extra resources for one-off projects or specialist knowledge to implement a new solution.

    Our access to IT experts with a wide range of technical skills means we can supply resources at short notice. We can provide staff with project management experience and specialist skills to work alongside internal teams, helping ensure businesses reach critical project goals. In-house IT workforces will also benefit from the knowledge our professionals bring to the engagement.

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    Threat & Vulnerability Assessment
  • A Security Vulnerability Assessment helps clients identify and resolve vulnerability problems, Prioritize security investments and reduce the time it takes to validate solutions. Once Security vulnerability assessment is completed, clients will receive recommendations based on their score in order to improve their infrastructure and reduce business risk

    We help you take a disciplined, programmatic approach to discovering and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities. We offer best-in-class technology solutions, expert implementation and advisory services to help you address all facets of threat and vulnerability management.